At Global Pharma tek we firmly believe that offering quality data management is the only way to successfully support your needs of drug development in order to transit the drugs in the market as soon as possible so that the patients have easy access to the drugs. We offer bespoke solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs and requirements and offer real-time, more rapid access to data, which results in faster decision making to keep the patients safe. As the data-driven CRO, our experience in the field permits us to focus on the data of clinical trials which then helps us in developing trust with a long-term partnership. By only focusing exclusively on the data that we provide, we are able to provide long-term as well as flexible clinical data management solutions, we are also seen as the niche provider for small-term teams and even for a valuable experienced partnership for permanent and important accounts.

Global Pharma tek offer end-to-end inclusive data management services from phase1 to post-marketing trials. Our experienced and professional team of clinical data management are fully dedicated to upholding a process-driven and standardized approach.

Electronic Data Capture – Made easy for Clinical Trials

Global pharma tek is a clinical research organization, uniquely positioned to deliver cro services to pharma and biotech companies around the Globe. We have designed advanced electronic data capture(edc) features help streamline the entire clinical study process starting from study design to data capture and data management.

Our EDC is for clinical trial solutions, Database can be accessed, extraction and integrated through edc application, which is securely hosted through cloud and data transfer from client to server with using protocols.


  • Web-based EDC & Paper based trials
  • Data Capture features
  • Scalability
  • Modules
  • Easy CRF design and Checks setup
  • Customized Dashboards and reportings
  • Multiple users
  • Data extraction

Our Data Management Services include:

eCRF Design

  • Manage multiple studies
  • Drag n Drop eCRF Designer
  • Edit Checks Configuration
  • Global Library
  • Study Manager
  • Staging & Production Instances

Data Management

  • Graphical Dashboards
  • Discrepancy Management
  • Medical Coding
  • Data Loader
  • Ad hoc Data Extraction
  • Locks – Monitor, DM, Page, Visit & Study

EDC & Paper Based Studies

  • Replicates Paper CRF
  • Source Data and Investigator Verification (SDV & IV)
  • Notes & Attachments Visits
  • First Pass and Second Pass Entry
  • Comparison Reconciliation

Medical Coding

  • Supports MedDRA and WHO-DD
  • Multiple versions can be maintained.
  • Auto & Interactive (manual) Coding
  • Dictionary version and license key linked to the study

Discrepancy Management

  • Configurable DCF Workflow
  • Auto Edit Checks
  • Manual Edit Checks
  • Query Management

Other Features

  • Multilingual eCRFs: Supports Indian & International languages
  • SDTM compliant
  • Dashboard extraction
  • High System Scalability