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Top Therapeutic Areas covered by Global Pharma Tek.

We take pride in the fact that we have immense experience in all the sectors of therapeutic areas. It is through our experience and familiarity with the managing studies in all the major and important geographies that we have established a concrete work relationship with the leading investigators of the world.


Experience across a wide range of signs or indications and an investigative network of 6,000+ cardiologists.

Critical care

Intricate comprehension of the exclusive nature of critical care environments, along with accessibility to our network of the investigators worldwide.


Experience with dermatology trails that ranges from small Phase I studies encompassing healthy volunteers to large, international, multi-center Phase III trials.

Endocrine and Metabolics

Advanced recruitment, global regulatory expertise as well as operational teams trained skilfully in endocrine and metabolic indications.


Clinical development experts across the world with experience in gastroenterology protocols. Our team has extensive explaining in planning as well as in implementing Phase I-IV programs.

Hematology and Oncology

In-detailed knowledge of hematology and oncology research, huge capabilities as well as experience with viability studies and a wide investigator network.


Our immunology team is directed by the board-approved rheumatologist and possess extensive experience in every sphere of immunology.

Infectious diseases

We have vast expertise along with experience in infectious diseases studies, coupled with a wide investigator network including microbiology labs.


Expertise in 25+ psychiatric and neurological disorders and clinically qualified neuroscience teams led by the clinicians and scientists with intricate neuroscience experience.


Proficiency in ophthalmic investigation, experience with therapeutic-oriented ophthalmic vendors and a global network of experience investigative sites.

Rare diseases

Our customized programs are designed to help clients in addressing all the aspects of the rare diseases. Only a symptom and our professionals will come up with the solution.


Experience in conducting all the phases from I to IV respiratory clinical trials, which ranges from single protocol to complete development across the wide range of respiratory indications.


We have extensive experience in planning and implementing the Phases I to IV for urology studies in each and every major market.

Vaccine development

We have worked in vaccine development for more than 10years and have and are offering complete service capabilities.