What is the difference between Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance?

We Build and Cater PharmacovigilanceTeams Primarily Focussing on Quality

Our People:

  • Highly qualified PV scientists in the field of drug safety and highly experienced healthcare professionals in pharmacovigilance.
  • Worked/working with global top 10 pharmaceutical companies
  • Deep knowledge on good pharmacovigilance practices and regulatory legislation
  • Engagement in ethical practices and quality.

Our Practices:

  • We have one of the industry’s leading pharmacovigilance teams serving majority of customers worldwide.
  • Adapted to standard operating procedures of global top pharma companies.
  • Train the staff and nurture according to the requirements of the customer.
  • Protect confidentiality of the data.

Our specialities:

  • Our teams have developed a deep knowledge of legislation and extensive industry experience over the past 8 years of our PV operations.
  • In a constantly changing regulatory environment, our teams have been achieving 100% compliance rate on-time safety reports and 100% quality in case processing.
  • Unique quality checklists
  • Industry – oriented training and soft skills development.

C2C Model

  • We fulfil your requirements. We provide skilled employees to the industry.
  • Our dedicated teams are assigned to individual customers who serve and efficiently deliver quality in all aspects of externalized safety and pharmacovigilance.
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