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2023 is a Special Year For The GPT Family. It’s Our 12th Anniversary

Congratulations to all of you who have been an integral part of the journey.  I believe that behind our company’s success, each of you has contributed in a generous way.

We started in 2011 as a small but an enthusiastic team that has now grown into a family of 350+.

As we look back, it is so amazing how far we have come. We have experienced a lot of ups and downs, good years and great moments to treasure.

What makes Global Pharma Tek special is the exceptional company culture that we have – Employee empowerment is the core of building a positive workplace at GPT. 

At GPT, we do not merely declare that our employees are “empowered”, rather we encourage them to go beyond their comfort zone. We have an environment where employees routinely go above and beyond their assigned responsibilities to offer new concepts and methods.

We are a company where taking calculated risks are not only encouraged but also celebrated.  Our employees freely provide thoughtful, constructive criticism to their team mates even to the CEO.

With over 350+ committed employees spread worldwide, our goal for 2025 is to employ 1000+ employees and expand our footprints to various locations across the globe.

I am confident that we will reach our goals and exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.

Anupama Anumala