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Global Pharma Tek provides an extensive range of specific clinical research services to help the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device enterprises in bringing in new and fresh drugs and devices to the markets effectively and efficiently. Our CRO services span the whole life-cycle of the product development and they can be altered to suit the needs of small-scale local trials as well as of the huge international programs.

Medical Writing

Medical writing is a pivotal part of clinical research and drug development. A well-developed medical or regulatory document strengthens the research while an under-developed document can ruin the efforts of years long research.

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Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

In clinical research, it is must to recognise the crucial information about your product safety on time. Our drug and pharmacovigilance consultants work with client's team to prepare regulatory ready reports for pre-clinical, clinical as well as post-marketing concerns.

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Clinical Operations

Clinical operation is undoubtedly one of the most critical aspect of clinical research. It takes a lot of efforts to finely plan and execute a clinical research while mitigating risks.Moreover, with increased regulations and guidelines, it has become progressively critical to put time and efforts.

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Regulatory Affairs

The clinical journey of a new product is often difficult and lengthy. It involves preclinical development, clinical trials, regulatory submissions and finally regulatory approval to market the product. The most tedious and stringent of all these is regulatory affairs.

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Publishing Management

Publication is an important aspect of clinical and scientific research. It is the best way to connect, inform, and exchange knowledge within members of same community. But the process of publication is a very daunting task, especially for extremely busy research professionals.

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Statistics Management

Statistical analysis is a crucial part of clinical research. It involves strategic and compliant conversion of clinical research data to knowledge so as to support the early and successful development of new medicines. With ever changing dynamics of the regulatory in clinical industry.

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Data Management

Clinical data integrity is chief requirement for successful completion of clinical research at every stage. In addition, data that is clean and reliable can also decide the fate of a clinical trial. As every pharma company aims to market its drug as quickly as possible.

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Lifesciences Staffing

Lifesciences is a complex stream with so many different roles for every education. This makes it often tricky for the recruitment team to find the right candidate with specific skills for clinical research and trials. We at Global Pharma Tek understand the challenge of finding right skills for specific role. Our life science staffing services.

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