Flexible Suite of Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance Services

Developing drugs and devices to manage human health is indeed a serious business but developing safe drugs for mankind is the truth of the truths.. Of all the steps, ascertaining the safety of drug is the most crucial one as an unsafe drug can do more harm to the body than the disease itself. So, it becomes most important for the pharmaceutical company to identify the safety information about the drug/device in a timely manner to avoid any future uncertainty. To do so and ensure the safety of underdevelopment drug/device, the most essential step is to thoroughly collect as well as analyse its safety information data. A well collected and analysed data is required for the success of clinical research and to maintain the post-marketing drug licenses.

At Global Pharma Tek, we understand the criticality of patient safety, drug safety and pharmacovigilance for every clinical research. We offer drug safety and pharmacovigilance consulting services throughout the life cycle of a drug/device development spanning from preclinical, clinical to post-marketing. Our team of experienced drug safety and pharmacovigilance experts can assist you in evaluating and managing the safety concerns of your product.

End-to-end Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Solutions

Global Pharma Tek is an emerging CRO offering end-to-end solutions in drug safety and pharmacovigilance. Our globally scattered team is focused to deliver accurate, compliant and effective pre- and post-approval pharmacovigilance services. We offer an extensive range of services in safety and risk management including

  • State of the art call centres
  • Case preparing and processing
  • Well-being reports of individuals
  • Total safety detailing reports
  • Safety signal detection
  • Risk administration and management
  • Counselling for pre-advertise improvement and post-marketing exercises

Global Team of Pharmacovigilance Experts

Our large globally expanded team of safety and pharmacovigilance experts possess strong academic qualifications include medical doctors, PV physicians, pharmacists, medical writers, life science postgraduates and Ph.Ds. Each of our team member is well experienced and skilled to seamlessly deliver solutions for all your safety and pharmacovigilance concerns. With growing industry experience, our team has gained deep knowledge of global processes and legislation.

Compliant and High-quality Pharmacovigilance Services

Our thorough understanding and apt implementation of relevant guidelines and regulations aim to help all our clients in meeting the strict regulatory requirements. Our staff is strategically placed to support specific regulatory requirement of location. Our attention to consistency to yield the maximum product potential while strictly taking care of patient safety.

Customized Solutions

As no two clients can ever be same, their requirements can also not be same. So, our efforts are always concentrated to build a relationship of trust and offer personalized and tailored services to all our clients. We provide specific and customer centric solutions according to the requirement of our client. Our team can swiftly adjust in any requirement and can efficiently work for individual activities as well as for whole pharmacovigilance system.

Seamless Delivery Solutions

We focus to bring a seamless delivery of solutions for all our services while maintaining transparency, compliance, quality and operational efficiency.

Always Up-to-date with Regulatory Changes

Regulations and guidelines for drug development, patient safety, drug safety and marketing keep on evolving and it is a challenge for a pharma company to keep a track on all these changes and work accordingly. Moreover, with every change in regulations, the pharmacovigilance legislation becomes more stringent that dramatically changes the compliance scenario. Global Pharma Tek helps its clients in following the updated guidelines with preparation and submission of more specialized and robust reports for quick and hassle-free approvals.

Dedicated Subject Matter Experts

Apart from a team of highly experienced and skilled team of safety and pharmacovigilance experts, our dedicated and skilled subject matter experts in safety regulatory submissions and legislation ensure accurate and compliant pre- and post-approval pharmacovigilance globally. Hence, outsource your safety and pharmacovigilance project to us ensure on-time safety reporting for prompt actions.

Highest Level of Safety & Pharmacovigilance Services

Our experienced and dedicated team of pharmacovigilance experts work very hard to submit all reports well within time and client’s budget. Our quality results are a boon for client and help them in early product approval.