Who we are

Founded in 2011, Global Pharma Tek (GPT) is a leading pharmaceutical conglomerate offering a wide range of services to the industry. Our expertise includes workforce solutions, trading & distribution of pharmaceutical raw materials, and drug development. We provide comprehensive support throughout the drug development process, with services like clinical research, contract research, development & manufacturing, and pharma materials sourcing. Additionally, we assist companies of all sizes with their hiring needs globally.

What we do

Pharma Materials Discover life-
saving therapies

Global Pharma Tek is one of the leading trading and distribution companies in sourcing and supplying quality pharmaceutical raw materials to help several leading companies for discovering life-saving therapies.

Drug Development Develop new and innovative drugs

Global Pharma Tek offers a comprehensive array of specialized drug development services, catering to the needs of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies. Our expertise enables these enterprises to efficiently and effectively develop new and innovative drugs and devices, ensuring a successful entry into the market.

Workforce Source best

Global Pharma Tek understands the challenge of sourcing best talent for specific roles. Our services are focused in providing value-added staffing & recruitment, payroll services and managed service provider for companies of various industries across the globe.

& Awards

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