Unrivaled expertise in Scientific, Clinical & Medical Writing

Medical writing is a pivotal part of clinical research and drug development. A well-developed medical or regulatory document strengthens research, while an under-developed document can ruin years-long research efforts. So, it is wise to invest in a team of expert medical writers who can deliver accurate, compliant and highest quality clinical and regulatory documents within the specified time.

Global Pharma Tek, a CRO, offers a wide range of Clinical research services, including Medical Writing, from individual documents to extensive medical writing programs for biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical devices companies across the globe. Our team consists of qualified medical, pharma, and life science members, including MBBS, MD, Masters, and Ph.D. holders, who can prepare error-free documents and reports for regulatory bodies.

Expertise to transform complex data into accurate data

The expert medical writers of Global Pharma Tek become an indispensable extension of the client’s team and logically transform the diverse and complex data into accurate and reliable data without any compromise on quality and compliance. The clinical, as well as regulatory documents are quality reviewed to ascertain the highest scientific standards.

Wide range of knowledge – Clinical & Regulatory

Our years of experience, proficiency in therapeutic areas and extensive understanding of FDA, ICH-GCP, EMA guidelines give us an edge in medical writing. We are constantly updating clinical and regulatory guidelines and keep ourselves equipped so that we can help our clients fasten their clinical process without any hassles.

Complete range of medical writing services Tailored as per your needs

We offer complete range of medical writing services and can also tailor them as per your needs. Our medical writers can conveniently work on individual documents and can also create extensive documents as per client specifications.

Rigorous quality assurance process

Medical and regulatory documents are very crucial for the success of clinical research. The documents need to be compliant with all the regulatory requirements. Our rigorous quality check processes at every step ensure that all regulatory specifications are met to deliver quality material for our clients.

Integrated team work

Our medical writers team works closely with the client s team and other members, including Biostatisticians, Operations managers, Pharmacovigilance experts, Data managers, etc., for transparent and open access to information, create concise, clear and high-quality documents and reports.

Well communicated progress

We understand and consistently follow the timelines provided by our clients. All the events during the project are recorded and the clients are duly informed of the progress. Our team of medical writers ensures the usage of best language that clearly communicates the findings while adhering to the standards and guidelines of scientific and medical writing.

Preferred global medical writing consultancy

Global Pharma Tek has always been the preferred medical writing partner and our writers are integral parts of our clients teams: planning, writing their scientific and clinical documents to meet timelines. Our cost-effective services are open for projects of different scale and scope. We ensure maintenance of best quality and regulatory standards throughout the research with our services.

We will boost drug development process with high-quality medical writing/ scientific writing/ clinical writing services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is medical writing in clinical research?

Creating well-structured scientific documents, including clinical research documents and content for healthcare websites, health magazines, journals, and news. Medical writing is of two types.

1.Regulatory medical writing
2.Educational, medical writing

Global Pharma Tek is the leading company that provides a wide range of medical writing services globally.

Why is medical writing important in clinical research?

Medical writers are responsible for preparing essential documents such as clinical study protocols and investigator brochures that adhere to regulatory guidelines.

What is the role of a medical writer?

A medical writer plays a crucial role in writing different scientific documents, including research-related and disease-related documents, publication articles like journal manuscripts and abstracts, and content for healthcare websites.

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