Global Pharma Tek (GPT) is one of the leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to providing high-quality research and development services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research sectors. With ten years of experience and a team of skilled professionals, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions and accelerating the drug development process.

Our services cover biopharmaceutical development, bioassay development, and preclinical research. We provide efficacy testing, sample analysis, immuno-histological testing, and large data processing using bio-statistics and bio-informatics. Additionally, we offer custom productions such as monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, proteins and peptides, biological samples, and gene synthesis.

Our team of experts in biostatistics and bioinformatics can assist with experimental design, data analysis, and interpretation, ensuring you get the most out of your high-through put data. We also specialize in immunohistology services and lateral flow immunoassays and offer tailored protein array data analysis solutions. With our comprehensive CRO services, we are dedicated to supporting your research and development needs.

Biostatistics and

Biostatistics and bioinformatics are crucial in analyzing and interpreting complex biomedical data. It enables researchers and pharmaceutical companies to derive meaningful insights and make informed decisions. Our team of skilled biostatisticians and bioinformaticians collaborate closely with clients to address various research challenges. We also provide comprehensive statistical analysis and data management services, ensuring robust study design, accurate data collection, and rigorous statistical modeling. This includes sample size determination, hypothesis testing, survival analysis, multivariate analysis, and more.

In addition, our bioinformatics expertise allows us to handle large-scale biological data, such as genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic data. We employ advanced computational techniques and algorithms to analyze and interpret complex datasets, facilitating the identification of patterns, biomarkers, and potential therapeutic targets

Efficacy Testing

We provide efficacy testing services as part of our comprehensive Contract Research Organization (CRO) offerings. Efficacy testing is crucial in assessing the effectiveness and performance of pharmaceutical products or treatments. Our experienced team conducts rigorous testing to evaluate the efficacy of various drug formulations, dosage forms, or therapeutic interventions.

Our efficacy testing services encompass a wide range of assessments, including in vitro and in vivo studies, to measure the desired outcomes of a pharmaceutical product. This may involve evaluating drug potency, pharmacological activity, bioavailability, safety, and therapeutic response.


We offer customized solutions for visualizing specific proteins in tissue samples. These include sample preparation, sectioning, staining, immunohistochemistry, antibody validation, in situ hybridization, slide analysis, and scanning. Partner with us for reliable results and supports research and diagnostic applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Lateral Flow Immunoassays

Global Pharma Tek provides specialized services in Lateral Flow Immunoassays. Our experienced team offers comprehensive support in developing and producing Lateral Flow kits tailored to meet specific customer requirements. This includes immunoassay definition, reagent and material selection, sample incubation optimization, product characterization, and sample analysis. Through our expertise in Lateral Flow Immunoassays, we ensure accurate and reliable results for diagnostic and analytical applications.

Sample Analysis

Our experienced team of scientists and technicians utilizes advanced analytical techniques to analyze various samples, including pharmaceuticals, biological samples, chemicals, and more. We employ validated methodologies and state-of-the-art instruments to ensure accurate and reliable results. Our sample analysis services include qualitative and quantitative analysis, purity testing, stability studies, and impurity profiling. By partnering with us for sample analysis, clients can benefit from our expertise, quality-driven approach, and timely delivery of results to support their research and development objectives.

We are committed to advancing scientific knowledge, driving drug discovery, and improving patient outcomes. With our CRO services, clients can rely on us as a trusted partner to accelerate their research projects, streamline operations, and achieve their research goals.

We apply our therapeutic, regulatory, and operational expertise to consistently solve your challenges.

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