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Pellets are made by aggregating fine powder or granules into free-flowing spherical particles used in tablets or capsules. They facilitate fast dissolution which is conventional for oral intake of medicines. The release of active ingredients from pellets is immediate and sustaining, ensuring its safety, and having fewer side effects. Additionally, pellets also mask the bitter taste of unappetizing medicines.

Why Us?

Global Pharma Tek has the expertise and technical knowledge to collaborate with the best pellet suppliers. Pellets are used extensively for therapeutic purposes. Our team constantly looks for the best so that we can provide our clients with the best.

Prioritizing Quality

Compromising on quality is not what we believe. We partner with suppliers who follow the latest pelletization process and implement it. Our suppliers adhere the guidelines for the safe production of high-quality therapeutics.

Our Range of

We have a great range of pellets to offer our clients. Constantly we research innovations in pelletization and upcoming pellets and contact the suppliers. Do have a look at the pellets we provide and reach us with your requirements.

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