Improve your clinical data management experience

Clinical data integrity is a chief requirement for successful completion of clinical research at every stage of the project. In addition, data that is trustworthy and neat can also decide the fate of a clinical trial. As every pharma company aims to market its drug as quickly as possible, it is particularly important to manage the clinical data as perfectly as possible for a smooth and hassle free clinical journey.

At Global Pharma Tek, we understand that quality data management is the only way to successfully support the vital needs of drug development for quick transit of drug/device into the market. We also believe in providing the highest quality, real time and faster access of clinical data to our clients for faster decisions while keeping the focus on patient safety. Our end to end CDM services uphold a process driven and standardized approach. We offer efficient, reliable and flexible clinical data management services for companies of every size.

Clinical Data driven CRO

Being a fundamental segment of study set up, feasibility studies include a thorough review of regulatory contemplation and execution of viable ramifications for the success of a clinical research in a specific geology.

About Our Electronic Data Capture

Electronic data capture (EDC) is used to digitally record various types of medical/clinical data of the patients at various stages of a clinical trial. Our EDC is an all inclusive solution for every kind of patient data. It facilitates easy access, extraction and integration of database through EDC application. It is securely hosted through cloud and data can be transferred from client to server by using protocols. Our in house designed Advanced Electronic Data Capture (EDC)” features helps in streamlining the entire clinical study process starting from study design to data capture and data management with minimum errors.

Extended or Flexible Data Management Solutions

Our clients believe in our work and rely on us as the niche provider for small term teams and even for a valuable experienced partnership for permanent and important accounts. Our team can provide long term as well as flexible clinical data management solutions to clients of every size.

Value Added Clinical Data Management Solutions

With our dedication and hard work, we have been able to create a reputation that defines us a CRO with high-quality, reliable, on time, fit for all and cost effective service provider that can efficiently meet the unique requirements of every client. Our stringent quality assurance process ensures the management of data is as per SOPs and regulatory requirements. Our perfect amalgamation of technology and insight of our experienced professionals allows us to deliver all inclusive clinical data management services for all phases and therapeutic areas across the globe.

Expertise and Efficiency to Manage Clinical Data of All Phases Globally

Global Pharma Tek s CDM team comprises of highly experienced and dedicated data managers who are well versed in ICH GCP and GCDMP and also have immense exposure of varied therapeutic areas and can expertly handle the clinical trial data across all phases and regions. Our team not only excels in data collection, management and analysis but also in identification and resolution of data discrepancies to maintain data quality. Our team is supported by industry seasoned experts and their exhaustive operational and management experience pushes us to provide exceptional data management solutions to all our clients.

We are here to help in design, develop, code, maintain and secure your clinical data with data management services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is clinical data management in clinical research?

We collect and manage research data according to regulatory standards in clinical data management. This leads to generating high-quality, reliable, and statistically sound data. Global Pharma Tek is a company that provides vast CDM services in clinical research for the drug development process.

What is electronic data capture?

An electronic data capture system is a computerized system designed to collect clinical data in electronic format for use, mainly in human trials.

What are the benefits of CDM?

CDM's benefits include data quality assurance, accelerated development, protection from data loss, complete and accurate data collection, security, and reduced expenses.

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