Our employees are our strength – the most valuable asset. With over 350+ committed employees spread worldwide, our goal for 2025 is to employ 1000+ employees and expand our footprints to various locations across the globe.


Passion for excellence and integrity defines us. We take pride in whatever we do and we endeavor to do the right thing always. We take every available opportunity to learn, develop and leverage the diversity of unlimited human potential.


We strive to first understand the client’s unique requirements and work towards meeting their specific requirements and goals. With a technology-driven database for suppliers, makes our work easier and enabling us to commit to delivering quality pharma raw materials consistently. We are always pursuing perfection and are striving for excellence.

Our Story

A humble beginning. A small but enthusiastic team starts their journey with Global Pharma Tek in New Jersey, USA.

Started Staffing and Recruitment Services for Life sciences (Pharma, Biotech, Healthcare and Medical Device) companies in USA.

Expanded with research & writing services for Pharma/Drug Discovery companies.

Entered full-fledged into clinical research services for drug development companies.

Started providing workforce solutions to all industries in the USA.

Commenced trading and distribution of raw materials for Pharma, Chemicals & Agri companies.

Entered domestic HR & Payroll services for companies from various industries.

Growing Strong

12+ years of legacy

350+ Expertise team

5 Global offices

Trusted by 200+ clients

Quality Excellence

Led by Technology


We aim to become an integral part of people's lives by promoting health, providing innovative therapeutic solutions, and addressing talent gaps by contributing significantly to the future workforce.


We strive to provide the best value to our customers, empower our employees, deliver quality products, services, trade pharma raw materials, and work in tandem with our customers changing wants and needs.


Global Pharma Tek is defined by its core values. These serve as a solid foundation and enable us to grow in tandem with our experience and expansion. Despite the quick shifts and new additions, our essential values remain constant.


  • Quality
  • Value creation
  • Excellence
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Compliance
  • Diversity

Ramesh Anumolu

Ramesh Anumolu is the founder & chief executive officer of Global Pharma Tek.

Ramesh has a significant experience in established and emerging markets, a passion for driving the company ahead, successful track record of managing change, executing strategies with a strong ability to lead a diverse organization like Global Pharma Tek.

He strongly believes in and works towards the company’s ultimate vision to bring meaningful and beneficial connections between corporate and employees, creating a win-win situation.

Ramesh is also featured amongst top 20 prominent business leaders in Asia – 2023 by the magazine CEO Insights.

Anupama Anumolu

Anupama Anumolu is the Director at Global Pharma Tek. She is responsible for the company’s growth strategy, recruiting, including marketing operations, and employee development.

Anupama is also involved in decision-making and implementing new policies and procedures that help employees empower to do their best and take new challenges. She constantly strives for professional and personal growth while remaining focused on the company's growth.

Through her leadership, Anupama tries to execute excellence instilled in the company’s culture, facilitating employee growth and open communication.

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