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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is the biologically active ingredient in pharmaceutical products serving a purposive outcome. Its production is the foremost step in the generating and producing of life-saving therapies such as oral tablets, cosmetic products, and injectables for human and veterinary welfare. The strength of any pharmaceutical product is determined by the amount of API to be present.

Why Us?

Global Pharma Tek is one of the leading suppliers and distributors of Global Quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to Formulators across the globe. We have been trusted by our clients for over a decade. The APIs are carefully sourced from our partners who are among the country’s best manufacturers, ensuring quality, purity, and trust in our ingredients.

Prioritizing Quality

Since API is a vital component for the development of life-saving therapies, there is a need for high-grade Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Quality Control (QC) during the production process. The safety of API is the primary concern as it involves life at stake. We choose and partner with manufacturing companies that follow the protocol of safe manufacturing, maintaining strict safety standards and regulations.

Our Range of

Global Pharma Tek has a broad range of quality APIs for your manufacturing purpose. We have been researching and analyzing the requirement of the market regularly. Based on that, we are bringing the best for you. Do check our available APIs and feel free to contact us for your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an API (active pharmaceutical ingredient)?

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are the components of a pharmaceutical drug that produce the required effect on the body to treat a condition. Global Pharma Tek is a pharmaceutical company that supplies top-tier APIs with high-quality standards.

How are these active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) made?

The development and production of APIs include various processing steps such as reaction, crystallization, separation and purification, filter cake washing, solvent swap, and solvent exchange. APIs are made with key starting materials and intermediates.

What are the types of active pharmaceutical ingredients?

There are two types of active pharmaceutical ingredients: synthetic and natural. Based on the type of synthesis used, synthetic ingredients are further classified into innovative and generic synthetic APIs.

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