Global Pharma Tek's preformulation services include a comprehensive analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including those that pose unique challenges. The team also offers valuable insights and solutions to optimize the formulation process, ensuring the success of your pharmaceutical development.

Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

Our company's pharmaceutical formulation development services specialize in optimizing dosage forms for various products, including those with poor solubility or bioavailability. We leverage our expertise to enhance drug delivery and maximize therapeutic efficacy.


A team of specialists comprises the analytical services, who work closely with our formulation and manufacturing teams, providing expert advice and insights.

Phase I
Clinical Manufacturing

Our Phase I Clinical Manufacturing services include developing and producing early clinical formulations for the First in Human trials and the clinical evaluation of your API.

Phase II & III
Clinical Manufacturing

We are fully equipped and accredited to handle Phase II and small-scale Phase III clinical manufacturing, offering a wide range of product manufacturing services.

& Packaging

Licensed by MHRA for commercial manufacturing and packaging services, our offerings include contract packaging and assembly to meet your commercial manufacturing needs.


With over ten years of experience, we have specialized in developing and manufacturing controlled substances, successfully converting them into various dosage forms. Our expertise ensures the safe and compliant handling of controlled substances throughout manufacturing.

Clinical Trial

We offer a complete range of packaging solutions for solid and liquid dosages for clinical trials. Our packaging is done with utmost care and is accompanied by full QP release certification, ensuring the highest quality standards for clinical trial supplies.

Drug Delivery

Our expertise in live biotherapeutics drug delivery enables us to provide innovative solutions for developing and producing these specialized products.


We are equipped to support the development and commercialization of Orphan Drugs. From preclinical and formulation development to small-scale commercialization, our comprehensive services and expertise ensure a seamless journey for Orphan Drug molecules, helping bring life-changing treatments to needy patients.


As one of the limited number of contract manufacturers holding an MRHA license, we specialize in the manufacturing and supply of specials . Our expertise and capabilities enable us to meet the unique requirements of special products, ensuring high quality and compliance with regulatory standards.

At Global Pharma Tek, we understand the critical importance of quality and compliance in the pharmaceutical industry. We adhere to stringent regulatory standards, including Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), to ensure product quality, safety, and efficacy. Our robust quality management systems and rigorous quality control procedures guarantee that our clients receive pharmaceutical products that meet the highest industry standards.

In addition to our technical expertise, we also prioritize strong partnerships and collaboration. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and goals, offering customized solutions tailored to their needs. Our flexible and agile approach allows us to adapt to evolving project demands and deliver optimal outcomes.

When you choose Global Pharma Tek as your CDMO partner, you gain access to a wide range of capabilities and resources that support the successful development, manufacturing, and commercialization of pharmaceutical products. Whether youre a small biotech startup or a large pharmaceutical company, we are committed to helping you bring your innovative medicines to market efficiently and effectively.

Unlock new possibilities for your pharmaceutical development and manufacturing needs.

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