Building Blocks for APIs

Key Starting Material (KSM) can be any pharmaceutical raw material, API, or an intermediate solely used for the production of API. It contributes to the structure of the API. The chemical properties and structure of a KSM are defined.

Pharmaceutical intermediates are the intermediate compounds necessary in API production, referred to as the building blocks of APIs. As the production progresses, they get released as by-products, which serves as the precursor to other APIs. Unlike APIs, intermediates may not have therapeutic effects and can be toxic. The refinement process converts intermediates to API by changing the molecular structures in each step.

Why Us?

Our team has experience and knowledge regarding the documentation of the KSM. We help with DMF filing documents for our clients and sources. The delivery of KSMs or intermediates and the service associated with them are cost-effective for our clients.

Prioritizing Quality

At Global Pharma Tek, we have suppliers for a bulk quantity of intermediates necessary for medicinal production. Apart from quantity, we offer high-quality intermediates for our clients. Our intermediates meet all regulatory norms as per global and domestic standards. Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) are the two important domains that our sources focus on. Intermediates are a key component in making the backbone (API), so their quality is one of our biggest priorities.

Our Range of

The supply of varieties of KSMs and intermediates by our sources is as per the current market demand. We offer a range of KSMs and intermediates that can play a major part in your therapeutic production. Check our list of intermediates and contact us with your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are intermediates in pharma?

These are the compounds or agents used as raw materials for the formulations of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Material produced during a manufacturing process that is not the drug substance or drug product for which manufacture is critical to the successful production of the drug substance or product is chemically altered and transfigured through various processes, such as reactions, purification, and isolation, to produce the final API.

What's the difference between key starting materials (KSMs) and intermediates?

Key Starting Materials (KSMs) represent the initial building blocks of the synthesis process. These are normally defined chemical properties or structures. Intermediates are transient species that form and transform en route to the final product and are normally used in research and development. Global Pharmatek is one of the leading suppliers of intermediates and KSMs for several APIs falling under a wide range of therapeutic categories.

What are key starting materials( KSM’s)?

KSMs are the initial raw materials used during a chemical synthesis process. They are often well-defined and have undergone rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistency and purity. These are used in the production of the drug substance. A starting material can be an article of commerce purchased from one or more suppliers under a commercial agreement.

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