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Fine chemicals such as biocides, additives, and peptides consist of pure and single chemical entities produced through many complicated steps, including synthesis, extraction, and hydrolysis. Their production is in small quantities with complex chemistry, resulting in high market prices. It serves as the building block for many pharma products.

Why Us?

We at Global Pharma Tek have long-term suppliers of fine chemicals providing the best to our clients. Our prices are comparatively lower than the market price for the same high-quality product.

Prioritizing Quality

Fine chemicals possess high purity and hold significant chemical value in the production of medicinal products. We prioritize purity and partner with our trusted sources.

Our Range of

We offer a variety of fine chemicals produced through biotechnological or step-batch chemical processes. Constantly, we look for innovations and strive to make them available for our clients. Check out our available fine chemicals and contact us with your requirements.

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