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For any manufacturing industry, raw materials and their suppliers are essential, which applies to the pharma industry also. Pharma materials are pharmaceutical raw materials that are vital from the initial stages of process development through research to the manufacturing of life-saving therapies. Moreover, medication is crucial for the existence of mankind, so its production is unstoppable, leading to rising demand for pharma raw materials. Hence, there comes the need for a trustworthy and efficient distributor to supply the ingredients for your manufacturing needs.

Global Pharma Tek is active in sourcing and supplying quality pharma raw materials for several leading drug development companies. We are one of the leading international suppliers of pharmaceutical raw materials with the industry’s broadest portfolio of various products for the human and veterinary pharmaceutical market. Our leadership lies in researching the best, sourcing quality, promising delivery on time and global support - making us your ideal partner of choice.

What We do

Sourcing Quality

Being a pharmaceutical company, we are naturally subject to strict regulations. We ensure that we supply high-quality materials every time. We also ensure that regulatory compliance, documentation, storage of raw materials, packaging, labeling, and release meet the Global standards

Global Support

We make sure that you receive the products in a given time frame. As a reputable supplier we are both cost-effective and efficient, be it small or large quantities, we are always ready with quality products to deliver.

Promising Delivery

With over 250+ employees worldwide, we have expertise in all non-clinical stages of the pharmaceutical value chain from procuring materials to market-ready finished drug products. Our team is always available to give you the best quality

We will help in Developing your
generics with high-quality Pharmaceutical Raw materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the raw materials in the pharma industry?

Raw materials are compounds used in chemical synthesis and processing, including buffers, cleaning agents, common solvents, and commonly used synthetic starting materials such as amino acids.

Which is the best sourcing company for pharma materials?

Global Pharma Tek is the leading pharmaceutical conglomerate, offering a wide range of pharma material products of Active pharmaceutical ingredients, advanced intermediates, impurities, pellets, and chemicals in the industry. Our expertise includes workforce solutions, trading, and global distribution of pharmaceutical raw materials.

How do you identify or evaluate the quality of pharmaceutical materials?

The process involves testing raw materials, in-process samples, and finished products to confirm their identity, purity, potency, and integrity. This ensures that products meet consistent standards, resulting in high-quality standards that build customer trust and ensure repeat business.

What is the key starting material in the pharmaceutical industry?

A key starting material can be defined as a raw material, intermediate, or drug substance used to produce a drug. That substance is incorporated as a significant structural fragment into the structure of the drug fragment.

Global Pharma Tek is a leading company that supplies high-quality raw materials, key starting materials, and intermediates for many pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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