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Global Pharma Tek

Global Pharma Tek is a Service Provider conglomerate in Staffing, Clinical Research and Trading in USA, India, Canada and Europe.

Global Pharma Tek stands for path-breaking innovations when it comes to offering new age services. The company primarily comprises of 3 divisions, they are: Staffing, Clinical Research and Trading.

Global Pharma Tek (GPT) has founded in the year 2011 with its presence in USA, Canada, India and Europe. Through a range of businesses in renowned for setting benchmarks in technology, research, design, and quality services.

What initially started as a business in Staffing, today stands tall as a pioneer in multiple business ventures like Clinical Research and Trading. Over the past 10 years, GPT has established a reputation as one of most innovative and respectable service providers.

All thanks to not only the quality of our products, but also because of the commitment of our people to customer service and our willingness to find innovative solutions to challenging problems.

While our approach in this respect has not changed in the last decade, a few other things did come new to our business. We are going to commence with a wide range of API manufacturing.

Building together, Growing together: Looking back in time, it is amazing how quickly things move on. Whilst nothing can replace our commitment to customer centricity, we have always recognized the value that new technology can bring to us and our customers. These core values and approach have enabled our sustenance in the market for 10 years and years to go.

Today, GPT is an acknowledged industry leader providing a range of high-quality services with the high standards. GPT can meet any specification criteria while ensuring full compliance with all protocols.

And, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary this year, our hearts are filled with gratitude and the zest to keep innovating, to enable you to Build Faster, Better and Smarter Future.


Global Pharma Tek (GPT) has founded in the year 2011, GPT prides in having the largest market share in USA, Canada, India and Europe through a range of businesses in renowned for setting benchmarks in technology, research, design, and quality services.

Our Mile stones

  • 2011 – GPT Established its first service in Contingent Work Force in USA
  • 2014 – GPT diversifying into Research and Safety Services
  • 2016 – GPT, expanded its service into End-to-End clinical research services
  • 2020 – Launched first Trading Services to Drug Manufacturing companies.

Founder’s Message

GPT stands for many things – a commitment to delivering great client value, a space for employees to be themselves, a sharp focus on making a difference both within the industry and within the larger society – but most of all, we are known for our values. These values, (Client Value, Leadership by example, Integrity and Transparency, Fairness and Excellence). They are the foundation on which we built our success over the years and have held us in good stead.

It is not a simple task to lead a life, especially in an ever-changing and demanding environment like ours, driven by values. We strive to uphold our values in all that we do. This is remarkable and it proves that the only way to follow values is to truly live them. They are a part of our DNA, and rightly so. Therefore, each one of us is responsible for the values, and for maintaining and enhancing the culture that they have built. We act with integrity and transparency in all our transactions and work with fairness to solve the challenges faced by our stakeholders. We lead by example, always, and pursue excellence in all our fields. This is built into our vision, and this helps us make a difference – to ourselves and to everyone

Our unflinching commitment to integrity, fairness, and transparency has made us a globally trusted brand.

As we continue to explore opportunities and expand our global footprint, we must ensure non-negotiable adherence to globally accepted standards of compliance. To further strengthen our policies and make our systems and processes more robust.

Let us make GPT the most preferred Company to work with – for its employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Live the Spirit of GPT.

Ramesh Anumolu
Chairman and Founder