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Nurses are the highest level providers for primary care and are instrumental in improving health sector productivity and patient safety outcomes. Responsible for 90% of the contacts made between health professionals and patients, nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system and account for more than half of all world’s health workers. They have been and are at the frontline fighting epidemics and pandemics and the novel corona virus pandemic is reminder of the important roles nurses have in healthcare.

But when we look at the challenges faced by the nursing staff, they are quite unique and have changed over time. We look at the common and the present challenges that are faced by nursing and also help understand the nursing trends expected in 2021.

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  • Common Challenges
  • Trends expected to beseen in 2021
  • COVID-19 Effects it has on the nursing industry
  • Role of a staffing agency in addressing the challenge of short staffing of nurses.

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