World Cancer Day: Supporting the cause by playing our part

Feb 4th is World Cancer Day. A day that reminds us that many are affected by this deadly disease.  The suffering is not limited to the patient only; the family and friends also go through the pain with the patient.

On World Cancer Day, prevention against cancer is a highly discussed topic. There are many campaigns run by various institutions and companies worldwide.

World Cancer Day: Close the Care Gap

“Close the Care Gap” is the three-year (2022-24) theme for World Cancer Day. UICC develops such themes to make a difference in the world by reducing the global impact of cancer.

The three-year theme is to make cancer healthcare accessible to all. Some world cancer hospitals have regularly taken part in this initiative. In 2022, the aim was to realize the problem. The inequities in income, education, and culture, as discrimination based on religion, race, and color, are the hindrances in getting treatment and care for cancer patients.

This year the motto is to “unite our voices and take action.” We must create awareness among people on the prevailing inequities for cancer patients and the preventive measures against it. Then we should voice our thoughts together, ensuring they reach the mass. We must reach as many world cancer hospitals as possible to eradicate this problem.

We, at Global Pharma Tek are playing  our part in supporting the cause

There are almost 734000 individuals diagnosed with cancer every year. In 2040, it is predicted that the number of people being diagnosed  with cancer will be about 50% higher. Thus, Clinical research and development of new oncology medicines will become more crucial.  Patients, careers, healthcare professionals, advocates, researchers, and healthcare partners must work together to improve cancer diagnosis, management, and treatment.

At Global Pharma Tek, we are playing our part as we ensure the pharma raw materials that we supply reach therapeutic companies involved in making medicines for cancer patients are of high quality. The company is an active pharmaceutical ingredients supplier for oncology products for the regulatory market.

We understand that cancer is deadly, and any hindrance in treatment can cost lives. We are together in this, raising our voices to eradicate inequity!

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