World Health Day 2019

Each year April 7 is celebrated as World Health Day, this program was started in the year 1950 with the objective to create awareness about health and health programs launched by the World Health Organization. It is an initiative that focuses on bringing focus on important health issues such as mental health, maternal care, child care, and much more.

If a community is provided with quality health care services, then it will definitely make an impact and also improve the health of people and alsopatients safety important.

Universal health coverage is WHO’s number one goal. Patients’ safety is Global PharmaTek’s prime responsibility.

  • Helping healthcare companies in evaluating valid cases.
  • Building effective communication between stakeholders.
  • Improving safety by alerting on safety-signals.
  • Improving safety by evaluating benefit-risks of marketed drugs.
  • Helping sponsors: identifying right patients, investigational sites, and evaluation of results.
  • Helping healthcare companies to publish their safety data so that the benefits & risks are carried to right patients.
  • Helping the world in detecting, analyzing, understanding and preventing adverse events.
  • Ensuring quality of life of patients.

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