Hiring Challenges and Opportunities in Life Sciences

Every year, life sciences companies face new challenges and opportunities, but 2021 will be the year when it is in the spotlight more than ever. As per US Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupations across life, physical and social sciences are expected to grow seven percent by 2028. This is expected to be faster than the average for all other occupations. This would mean about 97400 new jobs within the next decade.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also placed critical importance on the life sciences sector and changed the employment scene.

Trends expected to be seen this year and the way it will impact life sciences staffing.

High Industry growth
Due to the demand driven by the pandemic, there is a fiercer and much more demand for talent than ever. There has been a growing supply and demand gap of skilled professionals and it has created challenges for employers. Experienced candidates in industries like, Healthcare, Biotech and Pharmaceutical will be highly sought out after. For companies that would mean a longer recruitment process to fill life sciences jobs particularly in niche areas.

Demand for Technological expertise is on increase
As technology and life sciences are converging, there has been increased focus on recruiting professionals who have the expertise to deliver tech-enabled solutions. The roles in demand in 2021 and beyond will be for biotech, data analysis, and digital product management. Companies will stay at the forefront of a rapidly evolving sector.

Increase in remote roles
The pandemic has shifted the growth of remote work across a wide range of industries. When we look at the life sciences sector, many traditional roles have moved online and will continue to be remote for the future. With the growing adoption of tele-health services, there has been an increasing demand for remote roles for healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses and other clinicians.

About Us
Global Pharma Tek was founded in 2011 in the USA. The company with global presence, expertise and a decade in staffing and recruiting experience with dedicated and tenured recruiters is here to provide top and best talents to clients in the USA(and across the globe).

Global Pharma Tek is well known for technology skill-based hiring, providing end-to-end staffing and recruiting services from skill sourcing to on-boarding talent for clients.

Expertise Team of Life Sciences Recruitment
Our team has deep industry knowledge with hiring-technology skills and is connected to network of professionals. Many recruiters have directly worked in the life sciences industry. This helps us provide the best talent to our customers in Healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and biotech.

There will be a dedicated team member always connected with the hiring manager from(to)the client side for better fast track hiring process.

Specialized Pharmaceutical Talent 

  1. Animal Care Technician
  2. Biochemist
  3. Biochromatography
  4. Biologist Bioprocessing
  5. Biostatistician Clinical Data Manager
  6. Clinical Research Associate
  7. Clinical Trial Monitor
  8. Chemist
  9. Drug Safety Specialist
  10. Formulations Chemist
  11. Geneticist
  12. Lab Manager
  13. Lab Technician
  14. Medical Affairs
  15. Medical Writer
  16. Medicinal Chemist
  17. Microbiologist
  18. Molecular Biologist
  19. Organic Chemist
  20. Pharmacologist
  21. Pilot Plant Technician
  22. Production Technician
  23. QA / QC Analyst
  24. Quality Control Analyst
  25. Regulatory Affairs
  26. Research Scientist
  27. Scientific Writer
  28. Technical Writer
  29. Validation / Stability Specialist
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