National Vaccination Day

Every year, India observes National Vaccination Day on 16th March. The Government of India celebrates the day to convey the significance of vaccination to the people of the country.

Moreover, it was in 1995, the first dose of oral vaccine against polio was given in India and since then the country has been observing Pulse Polio Programme.

The main aim of celebrating the National Vaccination Day is to make everyone aware of arming against polio and to eradicate the disease completely from the world.

The importance of the day and how the day is celebrated
Every year on March 16, National Vaccination Day, the government comes up with numerous health related schemes. Vaccination is also given to people at free of cost and there are various special programs organized from hospitals to schools.

Vaccination is also given to people at free of cost and there are various special programs organized from hospitals to schools.

There are numerous programs organized by certain government hospitals and through these programs, people are educated about the characteristics of vaccination. In many hospitals and government centers small children are given polio medicines and other types of vaccines.

Children whose age is up to 5 years are given polio medication. Parents of the children are also given information about the importance of vaccination and how to avoid diseases.

There are still many small villages and towns in India, where people are not much aware of the importance of vaccination. In such situation, teams of doctors are sent by the state governments to these towns and villages to make people aware of vaccination.

A vaccine is a type of medicine that helps train the body’s immune system to fight a disease which has not come in contact with before. Vaccination is in fact the most effective method to prevent any highly infectious diseases. With the help of vaccination, we could eradicate smallpox and restraint diseases such as measles, polio and tetanus from the large amount of the world. As per the WHO, with the help of licensed vaccines that are currently available, we can prevent and control around twenty five preventable infections.

Why is vaccination necessary?
Vaccination is necessary as the immunity system through immunization provides the strength to fight diseases that are dangerous in nature. Hence, parents are always advised to get their children vaccinated. A timely vaccination is essential for your child’s good health. Vaccination is safe and effective as all vaccines undergo strenuous review by doctors, scientists and the government to make sure that they are safe & effective.

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