World Cancer Day – Knowing the importance of the day

People worldwide will come together on 4th February 2021 to celebrate the World Cancer Day. This year too, the theme of the day will be the same “I am and I will”. The theme is a reminder that we can play an important role in bringing down the impact caused by the deadly cancer.

This year, the day is going to be recognized in a different manner. As the world is still battling the deadly COVID-19, the day will be dedicated to the courage shown by those who are living with cancer and also the frontline health workers, nurses, doctors and others who are taking care of them.

Here are few things that you should know about this day

History behind World Cancer Day

In the year 2000, World Cancer day was established at the first World Summit Against Cancer, that was held in Paris. At the meeting held, the Charter of Paris Against Cancer was signed by the leaders of government agencies and cancer organizations around the world. Its main purpose was to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and support advanced research on cancer, prevention, and treatment. On 4th February, 2000, the document was signed by French President “ Jaccques Chirac” and the General Director of UNESCO “Koichiro Matsuura”.

World Cancer Day theme: I Am and I Will

I am and I will is 3 year long campaign. It was started in the year 2019 and mainly focused on commitment to act. In the year 2020, it promoted progress is possible in fighting cancer and in 2021, the concentration is on together, all our actions matter in fighting and eliminating the deadly cancer.

In 2019 for the “I Am and I Will” campaign,people who supported this campaign were totally involved in what they were able to do to bring down the impact of cancer in their community and the world over.

2020 celebrated the 20th anniversary of World Cancer Day and the day was celebrated keeping in mind the progress made in controlling cancer. People and world leaders around the world supported campaigns that encouraged the progress for a world without cancer.

The year 2021 will be the final year of the “I Am and I Will” campaign. There are various initiatives taken by people worldwide on the World Cancer Day to express support and love for those affected by cancer. Let’s do our bit to help the people fighting cancer and support them the way we can.

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